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Safe non-food consumer Products in the EU and China


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Consumer product safety in the EU

The European Union has a well-established and robust consumer product safety framework, based on sector-specific legislation and the General Product Safety Directive as well as on voluntary technical standards for products.

Quality control and food safety staff team inspection products contaminate standard in drink factory

Common product safety issues

Information on common product safety issues has been collected by the European Commission for many years. It is shared between individual member state market surveillance authorities and the Commission.

Toy safety

The worldwide demand and production for toys is very high and significant. The EU is focused on stopping dangerous toys to both protect EU consumers and support compliant businesses.

Worker holds two electric drills in tool store

Safety of electrical appliances

We all use electricity in our lives every day, and it is quite easy to forget how it can harm us if the products we use have not been made to the high standards of safety required by European Union Single Market rules.

Risk of investment strategy concept. Swith knob positioned on ma

Importance of risk management

It is important for manufacturers to have a good understanding of risk and the probability and/or severity of the consequences their products could pose to consumers, in order to be able to take necessary action to reduce or remove those risks.

Worker with a digital tablet at the plant

Conformity assessment

A manufacturer can only place a product on the EU market when it meets all the applicable requirements. The conformity assessment procedure is carried out before the product can be sold.

CE marking

The letters ‘CE’ appear on many products traded on the extended Single Market in the European Union (EU). They signify that products sold in the EU have been assessed to meet high safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

Products in a warehouse

Importing products into the EU from China

The legislative framework of the EU covering product safety is quite complex and detailed, because it has to cover a multitude of different products and a changing landscape of new technologies and product developments.